Membership Application

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Qualifications for Membership

  1. Membership of the PESTA Association is open to all persons interested in the objectives of the Association.
  2. A person who wishes to become a Member must complete the application form and make payment of the lifetime membership fee ($40.00):
    1. Upon completion of a membership application form, the Committee will determine acceptance or rejection of the application.
    2. An applicant whose membership has been rejected must, if he or she wishes to appeal against that decision, give notice to the Secretary of his or her intention to do so within 14 days from the date he or she is advised of the rejection.

Membership Cost

Full Lifetime Membership: $40.00 (GST inclusive)

Membership Entitlements for Full Members

  1. a password to access the PESTA website
  2. a focussed community and network of professionals
  3. regular meetings
  4. access to teacher/student E-dialogue (blog)
  5. a reference point for teacher’s concerns
    1. content clarification
    2. teaching activities and strategies
    3. curriculum
    4. assessment  and examination
  6. opportunity to express recommendations for teacher’s professional development
  7. discounts to fees for professional development seminars organised by PESTA or by some activities of PESTA affiliates (i.e., UWA PES PD where advertised as a PESTA discounted activity)
  8. a lobby group – seek representation on:
    1. Reference groups
    2. Stakeholder group committees
    3. PES advisory or review groups
  9. social activities
  10. teacher awards
  11. student awards
  12. teacher resource: bank of activities, data, tasks, DVD, websites